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Bio-power- by shatteredrealms Bio-power- by shatteredrealms
around a week before the baby's birth i got very sick... and quickly... i thought i had to have my appendix out ... and suddenly i was in incredible pain... and rushed to the hospital... and it turns out i got visceral kidney stones... OUCH.... and i was near death.... fuck i was in pain... 

now for thous who don't know there are different kinds of stones... there are ones that are like sand... there are ones that are like little pebbles... there are ones that are like river stones... then there are ones like rocks... all can be mildly un-comfterbal to painful however the visceral kidney stone is the worst one... imagen a rock with big spikes... like a see erchen... 

so basically a big visceral kidney stone had loged itself in the tube between my kidney on the right side and my blatter blocking the liquid from being expelled and if i hadent gone to the hospitle when i did my kidney would have poped and i would have gone into shock and then died... ... ... i was rushed into er and surgery to relieve the presser and remove the stone... i am glad i was unconsciousness for that part... uff ouch.... thy went up and in through the exit... i woke up the next day vary pale and sick... i had a catheter in eep... urrp... and a implant that went from the kidney down into the blatter... ugg... and it moved... it felt so weared beeing a fully internal implant.... the next days i was in the hospitle in and out of conciseness... until the dock that fixed me came in to inform me on the surgery i had...

apparently the doctor had only removed 3 visceral stones and that there where 2 more that where not big inuf to remove.... i know... i asked myself... um you where in there dock... why did you not get them... lol... so... ya... this doc litterly was a little troll of a man... I AM NOT KIDDING... ... 4 foot tall with a hunch and coke bottle glasses with a bad come over that did not cover anything and 150 years old... lol hmm i should draw him lol...

anyway i was told i was in the intensive care wing and would be there for atlest 4 days... and then as an added wtf the doc told me and a oh by the way kind of thing that my "A1C" was over 700 and that ment i had diabetes type 2... i was in pain ill as hell barley awayk and the dock drooped that on me... fffuuuccckkkkk...... after that he smiled and told me my implants will come out in a month where they would go in again for removal of the implant... but not before a second surgery to go in and add a second implant and and get me on the rode to recovery... i am again glad i was unconsciousness for that one to... and 2 months latter... they where removed...

unfortunately to my surprise i was awake and fully aware of how thy where removed... and yess... EEEP... up and in through my cock.... ffffuuuccckkk..... OUCH... this totally sucked...

nobody came to visit me in the hospital... i was a very lonely wolf at that time... but my very pregnant mate lee never left my side through the hole thing and to this day i am grateful for that. 
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Holy crap ow!

Also, this image! WOW. heh I'm thinking of a magic spell, "create kidney stones" that would be very, very awful. I hope that you're doing much better now?
shatteredrealms Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
ya ouch.... and lol what a horribly evil D and D idea lol ya iv bin doing well but i know how it feels now so i book it to the hospital if something goes wrong lol 
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